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Create an alias in the Content Editor


How to create aliases in the Content Editor, which allow any number of URLs for a single content item.

Using an alias lets you have multiple URLs for a content item. For example, if you have a URL /hr/jobs that activates the content item /Sitecore/Content/Home/HR/Jobs, you can create an alias so that the URL /jobs also activates the same content item.

To create an alias:

  1. In the Content Editor, select the target item, for example, /Sitecore/Content/Home/HR/Jobs.

  2. On the Presentation tab, in the URL group, click Aliases.

  3. In the Aliases dialog box, in the Name field, enter the alias name, for example, /jobs or jobs (both are equivalent).

  4. Click Add.

  5. When you have finished defining the aliases you want, click OK.


If you use IIS7 with an application pool configured for the integrated managed pipeline mode, you can eliminate the .aspx extension by setting the value of the addAspxExtension attribute in the /configuration/sitecore/linkManager element in the web.config file. You do not need to use aliases to implement this change.