Data extraction

Current version: 9.0

Data extraction is a function of the xConnect Client API that allows all or a subset of contacts and interactions to be exported for use in a third party application. The process of rebuilding the reporting database (also known as history aggregation) uses the data extraction feature.

Data extraction in a multi-shard environment

Data extraction uses a round-robin strategy to call shards.

  • Shards are requested one by one. If a shard has 500 records and the requested batch size is 1000, only 500 records are returned.

  • If a shard does not have any relevant data, it is skipped.

The following example demonstrates the process of data extraction in an environment with three shards, and a requested batch size of 1000.

  • Before data extraction begins, data is distributed across the shards as follows:

    Three shards with data distributed across them.
  • First read cursor operation (starting at Shard 1): Shard 1 (1000) = 1000 records returned:

    First read cursor operation across the three shards.
  • Second read cursor operation (start at Shard 2): Shard 2 (500) = 500 records returned:

    Second read cursor operation with 500 records returned.

    Shard 3 is not requested to fill the batch - only 500 records are returned.

  • Third read cursor operation (start at Shard 3): Shard 3 (1000) = 1000 records returned:

    Third read cursor operation with 1000 records returned.
  • Fourth read cursor operation (start at Shard 3): Shard 3 (200) = 200 records returned:

    Fourth read cursor operation with 200 records returned.

At this point, data extraction is complete.

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