Set up FXM language support


Set up FXM to support multiple language versions of your non-Sitecore external website.

You can set up FXM to support multiple language versions of your external website. This lets you add localized Sitecore content, associate marketing attributes to a specific language version, and track contacts that visit a specific language version of the external website.

To set up FXM to support language versions, you must create a language rule in the Marketing Control Panel for each website language to make sure that contacts who visit a specific language version of your external website see the Sitecore content in the appropriate language.

To set up language support for other languages than English:

  1. Open the Marketing Control Panel.

  2. In the content tree, navigate to Federated Experience Manager and click the relevant domain.

  3. Click the Content tab, and in the Configuration section, under Language Rules, click Edit rule.

  4. In the Create rule dialog:

    • In the Choose conditions section, under Federated Experience Manager – Page Matching, click the relevant condition that matches the language version on the external site, for example, the phrase where request query string key compare to value.

    • In the Choose actions section, under Federated Experience Manager – Domain Tracking, click the phrase set the language of the visit to language.

  5. In the Edit rule section, configure the rule by clicking the underscored word, for example:

    • key to specify the language query key that you use, for example, lang.

    • compare to, and in the dialog that opens, for example, is equal to.

    • value to specify the language, for example, da.

  6. To add more than one language rule under the selected domain, click Add new rule.


    You should create a language rule for each language that you want FXM to support on your external website.

  7. When you have added all the relevant language rules, click OK.

In FXM, when you open the external website in the Experience Editor, you can use the ribbon to change between the available languages and review how the website looks in a specific language.

By default, all FXM functions (placeholders, page filters, etc.) and marketing attributes are shared between all the available languages. This means that if you, for example, add a placeholder on the English version of the site, it also appears on the other available language versions, with the content in the correct language.

If you want to add FXM functions only for specific language, you must first create a page filter that applies same language rule as the website domain's, and then add FXM functions to that page filter.


If you want to use outcomes on a language version other than the default, you must create the relevant language version of the outcome.

When you edit a FXM external website with multiple language versions, the website language that is resolved by the language rule, for example, by the query string lang=da, and the Sitecore language version that is specified in the Experience Editor ribbon must be synchronized. If they are not, a notification appears telling you that the two must be synchronized.