Export a web form to ASCX


Use the ASCX file to change the behavior or appearance of a particular form.

Converting a web form to an .ascx file is good practice when you want to change the behavior or the appearance of a particular web form without affecting all other web forms.

To convert a web form to an .ascx file:

  1. Open the Form Designer and in the Select a Form dialog, select the form you would like to export. Click OK.

  2. In the Form Designer, in the Export group, click To ascx to convert a form to an .ascx file. The code is displayed in the Export to .ascx file dialog.

  3. In the Export to .ascx file dialog, click Download to download the code as an .ascx file.



After you have converted a web form to an .ascx file, do not delete the web form item in the Content Tree. This item is required for the analytics reports.

You can use converting a web form to an .ascx file for showing or hiding a field in a web form depending on another field value.