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Current version: 9.1

Troubleshoot problems and find answers to frequently asked questions about Managed Cloud Premium.


This topic only applies to Managed Cloud Premium solutions hosted on Rackspace.

How do I raise a ticket with Managed Cloud Premium?

To raise a ticket, you must log in to the MyRackspace portal, then in the top navigation bar, click Tickets. A list appears, displaying all of your tickets that are currently open and a tab with the option to view your closed tickets. Each ticket entry displays the name, the date it was last updated, the ticket status, and the ticket ID number. You can find both the Azure and Sitecore portal log in credentials in the first ticket that you open on your account.


You can find these credentials through a link to the MyRackspace portal in the welcome email message that you receive after signing up. You can also find the credentials inside a support ticket in the MyRackspace portal.

You can also refer to Troubleshooting Sitecore Azure or use the Managed Cloud Premium documentation on Rackspace to find answers to frequently asked questions about Sitecore Managed Cloud Premium, for example:

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