Securing access for Sitecore Managed Cloud users

Current version: 9.1

You can ensure that access to your Managed Cloud environment and Sitecore website is secure by stipulating who can have access, and the level of permissions that you grant them.

Specifying who accesses your Managed Cloud environment

When you request a Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard environment, you must also provide the Azure login credentials for the specific technical contacts in your organization who will be responsible for managing the environment and your Sitecore site. Access to the Managed Cloud Azure environment and Sitecore site is restricted only to the contacts whom you specify.

Specifying who at Sitecore can access your environment

To help maintain the service level agreements (SLAs) that Sitecore has committed to in your Managed Cloud agreement, the Sitecore Cloud Operations team must be able to access your environment. If you file a ticket relating to an issue with your Sitecore environment, then Sitecore Support can require temporary access to help resolve the issue. The Sitecore Cloud Operations team revokes this access after Sitecore Support have resolved the issue and completed the ticket.

Granting a new user access to your environment

The Technical contacts previously specified for your organization are responsible for granting access for new users of your Managed Cloud environment. To do this, the contact must go to the Azure Portal using role-based access control (RBAC). If they do not have enough permissions to carry out a task, you can raise a Managed Cloud Access request through the Sitecore Support Portal.

By granting your partner access, they can also work with you in your Managed Cloud environment in the same capacity as any other member of your team. You can grant your partner access to your environment in the same way that you grant access to any other new user.

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