Using CDN with Sitecore Managed Cloud

Current version: 9.1

Optimize the content delivery time of your Sitecore Media Library by using a Microsoft Azure® Content Delivery Network (CDN). CDN uses a globally distributed network of servers that efficiently deliver static, dynamic, and mobile content, and ensure that you always receive Sitecore Media Library items from the server that is geographically nearest to you.

As a Managed Cloud customer, you can use the global CDN to:

  • Deliver highly scaled content with speed.

  • Reduce bandwidth and load time.

Use the Sitecore Content Delivery Network documentation to:

  • Set up/disable CDN.

  • Refer to CDN-related configurations.

  • Refer to developer considerations, (including getting a CDN-enabled media item URL, and pipelines and processors).

  • Enable CDN manually, by using the Sitecore Azure Toolkit, or with the Azure Marketplace.

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