Analytics and reporting

Current version: 9.1

Experience Platform (XP) provides several analytics and reporting applications through the Sitecore Launchpad on the Content Management role. The applications help identify patterns and trends in the data collected across channels such as websites, mobile, email, and commerce:

  • Experience Analytics provides insights on web traffic and engagement value. It also provides Commerce insights if Experience Commerce is installed.

  • Experience Profile monitors the behavior of individual contacts that have interacted with your brand.

Experience Analytics

All the analytics and report applications read aggregated analytics data from the xDB Reporting database through the xDB Reporting role. Experience Analytics also adds labels and related metadata from the Reference Data service and the Master database to the data.

Diagram showing the process of the Experience Analytics application.

Experience Profile

Experience Profile lets you find and monitor individual contacts that have interacted with your brand. xConnect Collection Search uses the xDB index to find and retrieve contacts and interactions including any required facets from the xDB Collection database. The results are also enriched with data from the Reference Data database and the Master database. If Experience Commerce is installed, customer information and commerce transactions are also included.

Diagram showing the process of the Experience Profile application.

Path Analyzer

Path Analyzer lets you to create a map showing the sequential paths that contacts take when they navigate through your website, interact with campaigns, and trigger goals and outcomes. Path Analyzer gets contact information matching the path's contact ID from the xDB Collection role, the item information in the nodes from the Master database, and data for the user interface from the xDB Reporting database.

Diagram showing the process of the Path Analyzer application.

Privacy and security

Refer to the Architecture and Roles documentation for privacy and security considerations for each role on the processing and aggregation data flow.

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