Configure SQL indexes


Recommendations about SQL indexes.

We do not recommend that you apply any changes to the default SQL indexes configuration of the Sitecore databases. The index configuration provided by Sitecore is designed to fit general usage scenarios and it has been thoroughly tested.

There are, however, usage scenarios where changing the index configuration can be something to consider doing. If a Sitecore solution does a large number of reads ("selects"), changing the index types for the Unversioned, Versioned, and Shared fields tables to clustered can improve read performance.

There is a price to pay for this: inserting, saving, and deleting items will be slower, as will publishing.

If you decide to change the configuration, you must test your changes with real data to see if the changes have actually improved performance as expected. You must also be aware that Sitecore cannot support you if these changes introduce unwanted errors or have side effects.