Commerce Control Panel

Current version: 9.1

The Commerce Control Panel is the central location in the Sitecore XP tool suite for configuring Sitecore Commerce settings for the Engine, business tools, storefronts, and system messages.

You access the Commerce Control Panel content in the Content Editor. On the Sitecore Launchpad, in the Content Editor left navigation pane, expand the Commerce folder.

The Commerce Control Panel has three major sections.

  • Shared Settings – defines the options for a number of configuration settings applicable across Commerce entities including the Engine, business tools, and storefronts.

  • Commerce Engine Settings – defines Commerce Terms applicable to the Commerce Engine and its Business Tools.

  • Storefront Settings – defines settings applicable to one or more Storefront instances; the settings are selected from the options defined in the Shared Settings folder.

For more information see the Commerce Engine and Storefront configuration settings topic.

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