Add an external website in FXM


Add the external websites that you want to track with FXM.

The Federated Experience Manager (FXM) is an application that allows you to track visitor interactions and generate analytics information on external, non-Sitecore websites. You use FXM to implement personalization rules, assign goals and events, as well as implement content profiling on an external site.

To add an external website for tracking:

  1. On the Sitecore Launchpad, open the Federated Experience Manager.

  2. On the FXM Dashboard, click Add external website.

    ​Add external website page
  3. On the Website tab, under General website information, enter the name and domain of the external website and click Save.

    Add External Website page showing website details
  4. In the Tracking script section, a tracking script is generated. Copy this script and add it to every page that you want to track on the external website.

  5. Now you can open the website in the FXM Experience Editor and then add any relevant marketing attributes, such as goals, events, and so on.


The FXM features are also available from the content tree in the Marketing Control Panel in the Federated Experience Manager node.

Set up rules for tracking

In the Marketing Control Panel, you can set up the Federated Experience Manager to track only certain types of visits to your website, for example, visits from specific domains or visits referred from a specific website.

To set up rules for tracking the visits to an external website:

  1. On the Sitecore Launchpad, open the Marketing Control Panel and in the content tree, navigate to Federated Experience Manager.

  2. Click the external website that you want to apply a new rule to.

  3. Under the Configuration section, in the Matching Rules or Language Rules section, click the link Edit rule, and in the Rule Set Editor dialog, add the relevant rules and actions.

    Marketing Control Panel configuration matching rule and language rule

You can edit the external website's name or domain or remove the website from FXM.

To edit a website's information:

  1. On the FXM Dashboard, under Tracked external websites section, click the name of the website that you want to edit.

    Use the search field to search for the relevant website, or use the left-hand menu to find the relevant website from a list of:

    • All the websites in FXM.

    • Websites that you added.

    • Recently created websites.

  2. On the Edit External Website page:

    • Click Edit4CCE3456AC054739B534C93107D55F79.png to edit the website name or domain. Save your changes.

    • Click Delete to remove the website from FXM.

  3. To publish the changes you made, on the Edit External Website page, click Publish and then follow the steps in the Publishing wizard.