Core database

Current version: 9.2

The Core database stores infrastructure data needed to run Sitecore itself.

Supported infrastructure

You can host the Core database on:

  • SQL Server

  • SQL Azure

Refer to the Sitecore compatibility table for compatible versions.

Reference structure

The Core database has its place in the Sitecore reference structure. It can be referenced by other roles, and it can also reference other roles.

Illustration showing the Core database's place in the Sitecore reference structure.

Referenced by

The Core database is referenced by the following roles:


As of Sitecore 9.1, the Core database is no longer referenced by the Content Delivery role.

For more information on scaling the Core database, see Scaling and configuring the Core database.


The Core database does not reference other roles.

Privacy and security

Assuming default behavior, the Core database does not store personal data.


As of Sitecore 9.1, Sitecore supplies a script for separating ASP.NET Membership security data into a separate Security database.

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