Dedicate a Content Delivery instance to session expiration

Current version: 9.2

You can dedicate one or more Content Delivery instances to handle session expiration. The following diagram shows two clusters of Content Delivery instances, each with a dedicated instance for handling session expiration:

To dedicate a Content Delivery instance to session expiration:

  1. Install a Content Delivery instance from the XP Scaled packages. This instance:

    • Should not be a public-facing and can be behind a firewall.

    • Must have access to the session state storage role.

    • Does not need to be a publishing target, unless you have custom conversion pipelines that rely on published content.

    • Does not need to sit behind a load balancer. This applies even if you have multiple Content Delivery instances dedicated to handling session expiration.

  2. In the web.config file, set the pollingEnabled setting on the session state provider to true.

  3. On all public-facing Content Delivery instances, set the pollingEnabled setting to false.

  4. Monitor the size of the session storage role and tune session expiration settings accordingly.

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