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Scaling and configuring the Content Publishing service

The Content Publishing (CP) service is an optional replacement for the Sitecore publishing methods that are part of the Content Management role. The CP service increases publishing throughput, reduces the amount of time spent publishing large volumes of items, and offers greater data consistency and reliability. The CP service also improves the user experience and provides better visual feedback to the user on the state of the publishing system.

The CP service can be scaled horizontally in a load balanced manner, however, the architecture of the Sitecore publishing system is designed as a queue and does not allow parallel publishing. Therefore horizontally scaling the CP service caters exclusively for high availability and automatic failover, not for increasing the throughput of publishing operations.

For development or debugging purposes, the publishing role can be run as a console application.

The CP service cannot be combined with any other roles.

See the Publishing Service download page for documentation about setup and configuration.