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Security and item buckets


Overview of security settings for Sitecore item buckets and how buckets can be converted to normal items and back.

An item bucket removes the hierarchy of items for the items that it contains, but inheritance is still in effect for security settings.

Sitecore implements inheritance when content is retrieved. If a user does not have access at either the user/role level or at the item/ancestor level, an item is not retrieved.

Security is not used for the number of items shown for a search facet, but the item security still applies. This means that users will sometimes see a number of items in a facet, but they will not have access to all these items.

You can restrict the ability of a user or role to convert a content item into an item bucket or to convert an item bucket back into a normal item in the Security Editor. The Sitecore security system has two access rights settings for item buckets:

  • Create Bucket

  • Revert Bucket



If these security settings are not immediately available in the Security Editor, in the Security group, click Columns and then in the Columns dialog box, select Create Bucket and Revert Bucket.