Commerce Engine plugins

Current version: 9.2

The Commerce Engine delivers commerce functionality through an extensible, pluggable framework. The framework breaks down commerce functionality into micro services, implemented as Commerce plugins. A plugin can take a dependency on another plugin to extend its functionality. You can customize, extend or replace plugins to meet specific requirements.

The following figure presents some of the key Commerce plugins provided with the Sitecore XC solution, including a simplified view of some of the relationships between them:

A simplified view of key Commerce plugins and their relationships.

A plugin is an independently publishable extension to the Commerce Engine. Plugins are available as a lightweight NuGet package, published either to a public repository or to a secure private repository. You can acquire plugins or create your own plugins to support your specific business scenarios. Similarly, Sitecore partners create plugins to use as value-added intellectual property (IP) in commerce engagements.

The Sitecore Commerce Engine SDK contains sample plugins that you can use as a starting point for your Commerce customization project.

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