Commerce New Order Placed marketing automation campaign


Overview of the Commerce marketing automation campaigns available for SXA Storefront that you can use to engage with customers.

You use this campaign to automatically confirm an order when a customer has completed a purchase on the storefront. You must have added the Commerce New Order Placed MA campaign module to the storefront site during site creation.


For details on the implementation of Commerce marketing automation campaigns, see the Marketing Automation API for the storefront.

As shown in the following figure, the campaign uses a specific storefront action Send commerce email.


The Send commerce email marketing action differs from the standard Send email action in that it includes the order information needed to personalize the email message with the content from the customer’s order. Order information is included as a custom value in the marketing automation campaign when the customer is enrolled in the campaign and is passed to the Email Experience Manager when the Send commerce email action is executed. The Send commerce email action copies all custom values from the marketing automation campaign and uses them as query parameters for the Email Experience Manager.

When a customer has created an account for the storefront and is logged in, the customer is enrolled in the marketing automation campaign and a commerce email with the order details is sent to confirm the purchase.


Do not use the Send email action in place of the Send commerce email action.