Deploying your Sitecore XC solution

Current version: 9.2

The Customer.Sample.Solution is the core Visual Studio solution in which all extensions can be developed, in the form of plugins. You can run this solution directly in Visual Studio for testing, which allows a quick develop/test/develop/test cycle.

When testing is complete and you are ready to make the extensions available for quality assurance (QA) and eventually to a production environment, you must create a deployment.

The Commerce Engine leverages the dotnet framework. You can publish a solution from the dotnet framework in one of the following ways:

  • Directly in Visual Studio using the Publish option

  • Through a command line, using the dotnet publish command

  • Inside a Build environment, as part of a Continuous Integration environment

You can publish to update a running deployment, such as publishing directly to IIS from Visual Studio or publishing directly to an Azure Web App. Alternatively, you can create a Web Deploy Package (WDP) that can then be taken through a QA process and deployed by dedicated DevOps personnel.

The Create and deploy process.

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