Fulfillment policies

Current version: 9.2

The Fulfillment plugin contributes configuration policies that define behavior for the functionality provided by the plugin.


Do not extend or inherit from out-of-the-box policies; instead, create your own.

You can change the values of default policies by modifying the PolicySet JSON or the Environment JSON, depending on where the policy is defined, and then re-running Bootstrap.

The following policies can be configured through the Fulfillment plug-in.



Properties / Default Values


Provides policies associated with shipping items, including maximum shipping weight, measurements, and fulfillment fees.

DefaultCartFulfillmentFee \ Money("USD", 5M)

DefaultItemFulfillmentFee \ Money("USD", 2M)

DefaultCartFulfillmentFees List<Money>()

DefaultItemFulfillmentFees \ List<Money>()

FulfillmentFees \ List<FulfillmentFee>()


You should only define one fulfillment fee per shipment type/currency combination (for example Ground USD$5). When multiple fulfillment fees exist for the same shipment type/currency combination, the Commerce Engine applies the first one, and adds an error to the log.


Defines the names of the fulfillment entity view actions.

SetFulfillment \ "SetFulfillment"

SetLineFulfillment / "SetLineFulfillment"

SelectFulfillmentOption / "SelectFulfillmentOption"

GetFulfillmentMethods / "GetFulfillmentMethods"

GetCountryRegionsForFulfillment / "GetCountryRegionsForFulfillment"


Defines the names of the fulfillment transient and entity index lists.

PendingShipments \ "PendingShipments"

CompletedShipments \"CompletedShipments"


Defines the names of the fulfillment entity views.

Shipments \ "Shipments"

OrderFulfillments \ "OrderFulfillments"

OrderFulfillmentDetails \ "OrderFulfillmentDetails"


DeliveryInStorePickupPolicy and ShippingPolicy are not used.

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