Minimum product concepts

This topic lists the minimum product concepts that must be part of the product data model:

  • Main product data such as IDs - EAN, SKU, IBSN, and so on, name, brand, model, tags, and so on.

  • Multiple classification schemes (that is, multiple different categorization schemes):

    • Typically products are stored in categories in the e-commerce system according to type.

    • For presentation, a different way of organizing products into categories is typically used.

  • Specifications and lookup values on three levels:

    • Categories. A category is associated with a number of specifications that goes for all products in the same category. The specifications are the same regardless of the products and their manufacturer.

    • Product type. Specifications that are specific to the given product type. These specifications are more closely related to the actual product and its manufacturer.

    • Single product. Specifications that only apply to the specific product.

  • Product variant significant specifications:

    • It must be possible to configure which specifications that make up the difference between all variants of a product, for example, what specifications make up the variants.

  • Related products - there are different types of relations between products:

    • Variants of the same product.

    • Accessories.

    • Cross-sell, up-sell, and so on.

  • Resources - images and files.

  • Manufacturer information.

  • Divisions -¬†Divisions is a way to model an organization of divisions into a hierarchical structure, which are used to tag products, so that are marked part of those division.