Orders policies

Current version: 9.2

The Commerce Engine encompasses extensible services that enable you to customize commerce functionality.


Do not extend or inherit from out-of-the-box policies; instead, create your own. You can change the values in a policy by modifying the PolicySet JSON or the Environment JSON, depending on where the policy is defined and then re-running Bootstrap.

The following policies can be configured through the Orders plug-in.



Properties / Default Values


Defines what statuses an order can be to be able to cancel it.

AllowCancelStatuses / List<string>()


  • Enable quick checkout

  • Enable guest checkout

  • Terms and conditions

  • Minimum order quantity


Defines global settings for orders.

CreatedOrderStatus / "Pending"

InvoicePrefix / ""

InvoiceSuffix / ""

AllowOrderCancel / true

SubmittedOrderList / "PendingOrders"

CompletedOrderList / "CompletedOrders"


Defines the names of the orders entity view actions.

CancelOrder / "CancelOrder"

HoldOrder / "HoldOrder"

CommitOnHoldOrder / "CommitOnHoldOrder"

CancelOnHoldOrder / "CancelOnHoldOrder"

UndoOnHoldOrder / "UndoOnHoldOrder"

Checkout / "Checkout"

SubmitOrder / "SubmitOrder"

EditLineItem / "EditLineItem"

DeleteLineItem / "DeleteLineItem"

AddLineItem / "AddLineItem"


Defines the names of the orders transient and entity indexes lists.

Orders / "Orders"

PendingOrders / "PendingOrders"

OnHoldOrders / "OnHoldOrders"

ProblemOrders / "ProblemOrders"

ReleasedOrders / "ReleasedOrders"

CompletedOrders / "CompletedOrders"

CancelledOrders / "CancelledOrders"

OrdersIndex / "OrdersIndex"

FraudOrders / "FraudOrders"

ShippedOrders / "ShippedOrders"

AnonymousOrders / "AnonymousOrders"

AuthenticatedOrders / "AuthenticatedOrders"

SalesCharges / "SalesCharges"

SalesCredits / "SalesCredits"

SettleSalesActivities / "SettleSalesActivities"

SettledSalesActivities / "SettledSalesActivities"

ProblemSalesActivities / "ProblemSalesActivities"

CustomerOrders / "Orders-ByCustomer-{0}"

OrderSalesActivities / "Order-{0}-SalesActivity"


Defines the names of the orders statuses.

Pending / "Pending"

Released / "Released"

Completed / "Completed"

OnHold / "OnHold"

Cancelled / "Cancelled"

Problem / "Problem"

MinLength / 5

MaxLength / 20


Defines the names of the orders entity views.

OrdersDashboard / "OrdersDashboard"

Preview / "Preview"

Summary / "Summary"

Master / "Master"

Lines / "Lines"

EditLineItem / "EditLineItem"

AddLineItem / "AddLineItem"

LineItemDetails / "LineItemDetails"

Adjustments / "Adjustments"

Adjustment / "Adjustment"

Messages / "Messages"

Message / "Message"

Orders / "Orders"


Defines the names of the sales activities statuses.

Pending / "Pending"

Settled / "Settled"

Problem / "Problem"

Void / "Void"

Completed / "Completed"


Defines what statuses an order can be to be able to put it on hold.

AllowHoldStatuses / List<string>

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