Specifications for products are stored in several different places in the product data model.

  • Global specifications

    Specifications that are global across the entire product repository are stored in the global specifications folder under Product Repository/Lookups/Global Product Specification Lookups (relative to the product repository).

    These specifications are typically stored as lookup tables where a key and a set of predefined values are defined.

  • Classification specifications

    For each classification scheme there is typically a list of specifications associated with each category. These are the specifications that make it possible to compare all products present within a category made by different manufacturers.

    These are also the specifications normally used for navigated or faceted search.

  • Type specifications

    There is a close relationship between a product and its type and therefore there are three pieces of specification information available on types:

    • Specifications in the form of keys or keys + values (lookup tables).

    • Specification options that narrow down the lookup table options for subtypes.

    • Specification default values that contain values for specification. All products of the given type will have those values.

  • Product specifications

    Specifications that are unique to specific products can be stored under the product itself. Typically, most specifications will be on the product type.