Deploying with Sitecore on Azure


Learn how to deploy to Microsoft Azure® App Service, learn about the layers of Sitecore security and more.

The Sitecore on Azure deployment documentation includes topology overviews to help you choose the best configuration for your Sitecore solution. You can also learn more about the additional deployment functionality of Sitecore on Microsoft Azure; how to configure a new on-premise Sitecore environment to use with an xDB Cloud deployment; how to use the right configuration for your Sitecore solution so you can deploy to the Microsoft Azure® App service; and how to install the AD module with Sitecore. With the Sitecore on Azure deployment documentation you can dive deeper and learn about the Sitecore security layers; mapping field types with Azure Cognitive Search; learn how Azure Cognitive Search supports the language search function; and also how to upload and manage files to Sitecore on Azure with the Microsoft App Service Editor and FTPs.