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Set a report segment initialization time period


Set an initialization time period to allow time for all dependent processes to be synchronized with xAnalytics

In Experience Analytics, when you deploy a new report segment, an initialization time period (padding) is automatically set in the Sitecore.ExperienceAnalytics.Aggregation.config file.

An initialization period is necessary to allow adequate time for the synchronization of all the dependent processes and servers in your Sitecore environment. During live aggregation, only interactions saved after the initialization period of a segment will be processed by that segment. If the initialization period is too short, you may get inconsistent data until the synchronization process has completed.

The SegmentDeployDateOffsetPadding setting enables you to set an initialization time period. After you have configured this setting, any new segments you create will use the updated value when you deploy them.

The next time you run live aggregation processing, any new interactions added to the xDB collection database will not be displayed in the new segment until the initialization period has expired.

The default initialization time period setting is 30 minutes but you can change this depending on your requirements.


You should only change the time value setting after very careful consideration. It is important to be aware that entering a lower value could make xDB data around your deploy date inconsistent. You should only increase this value if your processing environment is part of a large distributed environment with high latency.


Do not make changes directly to the configuration files. Instead, you must create a patch file that performs the required changes during run time.

To configure the initialization time period setting:

  1. In the Sitecore.ExperienceAnalytics.Aggregation.config file (App_Config\Sitecore\ExperienceAnalytics) navigate to the following setting:

    <setting  name="ExperienceAnalytics.Aggregation.SegmentDeployDateOffsetPadding" value="00:30:00" />
  2. Enter a time value in this parameter to set your required initialization period.

  3. Save your changes.