Supporting autocomplete with n-gram


How to create autocomplete functionality for search input.

You use the n-gram analyzer to create autocomplete functionality for search input. The analyzer breaks tokens up into unigrams, bigrams, trigrams, and so on. When a user types a word, the n-gram analyzer looks the word up in different positions, using the tokens that it generated.

In Solr, you can set this up in the Solr Schema.xml file.

You add support for autocomplete by adding a new field to the index and mapping this field to use the n-gram analyzer instead of the default. When you run the LINQ query to query that field, use the following code:

using (IProviderSearchContext context = Index.CreateSearchContext())
                result = context.GetQueryable<SearchResultItem>().
                    .Where(i => i.Name.StartsWith(“some”))

Sitecore provides an implementation that uses trigrams and a set of English stop words. If you have other requirements, you can build a new analyzer and change these settings.