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Marketing Automation Plan Pulse Regulator

The Plan Pulse Regulator (PPR)  inspects plans as they run to ensure that they are running correctly. The PPR causes enrollment processing to fail if it detects an issue and stalls enrollment if there are too many failures.

The default PPR is the CyclicProtectionPlanPulseRegulator, which ensures that the same activity of a plan is not repeated too often in a single pulse. The default maximum number of single activity visits is 10 to prevent an enrollment getting stuck in a loop and tying up processing resources. 

The PPR is abstracted to an interface; however, you can implement your own regulator.

    <Type>Sitecore.Xdb.MarketingAutomation.Processing.Plan.CyclicProtectionPlanPulseRegulator, Sitecore.Xdb.MarketingAutomation</Type>
    <As>Sitecore.Xdb.MarketingAutomation.Core.Processing.Plan.IPlanPulseRegulator, Sitecore.Xdb.MarketingAutomation.Core</As>
    <!-- The maximum number of times a single activity can be visited in a single pulse -->