Machine Learning

Current version: 9.3

The Sitecore Cortex™ Processing Engine (Processing Engine) provides an integration point for your machine learning platform of choice.

Microsoft Machine Learning Server integration

The Microsoft Machine Learning Server integration allows you to send your machine learning script and the location of projected data to a Machine Learning Server web endpoint. Integrating with Machine Learning Server includes the follow high-level tasks:

  • Implement a custom model wrapper:

    • Inject IScriptSessionFactory into the model.

    • In the context of the TrainAsync() and EvaluateAsync() methods, use IScriptSessionFactory  to send your R script and the location of your training data to a Machine Learning Server endpoint.

  • To use the training logic within your custom model, schedule a training worker task that references your model. The training worker executes the TrainAsync() method.

Machine learning and Experience Optimization

The Experience Optimization feature does not use the Microsoft Machine Learning Server integration. Machine learning in the context of Experience Optimization includes:

  • A custom PersonalizationInteractionModel (implements IModel ) that projects interaction data. The TrainAsync() and EvaluateAsync() methods are not implemented.

  • A custom BuildPersonalizationRulesWorker that fits a decision tree to projected data and deploys the results to the xDB Reporting server. Decision tree logic is contained within an injected class.

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