Sitecore 10.4 Cloud Services

Accelerate your time to market with Sitecore Cloud solutions.

View all of the Sitecore Cloud offerings to best target campaigns, scale your solution, and develop a disaster recovery plan that is custom-made for your organization and requirements.


Sitecore on Azure

Learn about the analytics features of Azure resources, app services, and Azure Marketplace.

Sitecore Azure Toolkit

Use the deployment tools, Microsoft Azure integrations, and deployment methodologies that allow simple and flexible deployment of Sitecore on Microsoft Azure.


Device Detection

Personalize visitor experience and target campaigns for different devices.

IP Geolocation

Sitecore IP Geolocation is a service that provides information about the location and owner of an IP address.

Managed Cloud

Host your Sitecore Cloud deployments on Microsoft Azure.

Integration of Azure Resources

Azure Session State

Use a session state server to share all your contact sessions across different browsers and devices.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Increase performance and availability for your solution by using a Content Delivery Network with the Sitecore Media Library.

Azure WAF and ASE

Centralized inbound protection of your web applications from common exploits and vulnerabilities using a web traffic load balancer that includes a Web Application Firewall.

Azure Monitoring and Alerts

Customize the tiles, dashboards, and alerts that you receive when you install Sitecore Application Level Monitoring.

Blob Storage

Store and search enormous amounts of unstructured data, including Sitecore media items, with Sitecore blobs and Azure Blob Storage; and understand your storage requirements, installation type, performance expectations, and security needs.