Sitecore Connect for Content Hub - DAM

Current version: 5.0

The Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM) part of the Sitecore Connect for Content Hub connector (SCCH) enables you to browse, search, and insert digital assets from Sitecore DAM directly from within the Sitecore Content Editor and Sitecore Experience Editor.

The connector is fully localizable. However, only English language resources are provided out-of-the-box.


For information on which versions of Sitecore Experience Platform and SCCH are compatible, see this knowledgebase article.

Supported media types

The Sitecore Connect for Sitecore DAM supports various media types. Image assets and video assets are inserted using the same asset type after the specified conversion. Other media types (for example, documents) are not converted, however, the connector displays a download link for the asset.

Media types in Sitecore DAM

Inserted in Sitecore





Other media types

Download Link

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