Constructor value reader


Introduction to the constructor value reader in Sitecore Data Exchange Framework.

You use this value reader to call a constructor and return the object that is created.

Which constructor is called depends on the source object that is passed to the value reader:

  • If the source object is null, the default constructor is called.

  • If the source object is not a collection, the source object is passed as a parameter to the constructor.

  • If the source object is a collection, each member of the collection is passed as a separate parameter to the constructor.

Expected source object type


Template location

Data Exchange/Framework/Data Access/Value Readers/Constructor Value Reader

Field name



Type whose constructor is called.

Do Not Use Source For Constructor Parameters

If selected, no parameters will be passed to the constructor, even if the source object is not null.

Generic Parameter Types

If the type has generic parameters, this field is used to specify the generic parameter types. In order to specify multiple types, separate the type names with a line break.