Pipeline step processors


Introduction to the base classes you can use when creating pipeline step processors in Sitecore Data Exchange Framework.

Writing custom pipeline step processors is a significant part of building custom providers for Data Exchange Framework. This section describes the base classes you can use to simplify the task of creating custom pipeline step processors.

The step processors implement the BasePipelineStepProcessor class. BasePipelineStepProcessor, and the processors that implement it, has the following protected properties:

  • PipelineStep

  • PipelineContext

  • Logger.

Most of the methods allow their corresponding parameters to have null values.

You can use the properties as method parameters or protected properties. Best practice recommendations are:

  • If you create new pipeline step processors directly based on BasePipelineStepProcessor, you should use PipelineStep, PipelineContext, and Logger as properties.

  • If you override already existing pipeline step processors, where PipelineStep, PipelineContext, or Logger are passed as arguments in methods, you should pass the properties as arguments.

  • In the processing stage each step has its own PipelineStepContext, while PipelineStep objects can be shared between threads. Updating PipelineStep, including its plugins, is therefore not considered thread-safe. You can, instead, safely store changing data in its context.