Set standard values on an endpoint template

Current version: 3.0

Before you can use the endpoint template, you must specify default values for the fields on the template.

To set values on an endpoint template:

  1. In the Content Editor, navigate to Templates/Data Exchange/Providers/File System/Endpoints/Text Field Endpoint.

  2. To create a new item, on the ribbon, on the Builder OPTIONS tab, click Standard values.

    Standard values in menu ribbon
  3. Set the following field values:



    Column Separator


    Column Headers in First Line


    Converter Type

    Examples.DataExchange.Providers.FileSystem.TextFileEndpointConverter, Examples.DataExchange.Providers.FileSystem


    The Converter Type field is in the Data Exchange Framework section. You might have to expand the section before you see the field.

  4. Save the item.

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