Specify a troubleshooter on an endpoint

Current version: 3.0

You can specify a troubleshooter on any item that inherits from the Data Exchange Framework templates Convertible and Troubleshootable.

In this example, the troubleshooter is added to the text file endpoint, which inherits from the Base Endpoint template, which meets the criteria, so no additional work is needed.

To specify a troubleshooter on an endpoint:

  1. In Sitecore, open Content Editor.

  2. Navigate to /sitecore/templates/Data Exchange/Providers/File System/Endpoints/Text File Endpoint/__Standard Values.

  3. In the right-hand pane, specify the following field value:



    Troubleshooter Type

    Examples.DataExchange.Providers.FileSystem.TextFileEndpointTroubleshooter, Examples.DataExchange.Providers.FileSystem

  4. Save the item.

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