Activity for Marketing Automation

Current version: 5.0

The Data Exchange Framework (DEF) Activity for Marketing Automation (MA) extends the Marketing Automation activities. It enables you to trigger data synchronization from within a Marketing Automation plan.

The guide assumes that you have installed the following on your Sitecore server:

  • Sitecore 10.0

  • DEF 5.0.0. This installation includes the DEF MA functionality.

  • DEF Tenant Web Service 5.0.0, deployed as a separate IIS site

These requirements are covered by the Installation Guide for Data Exchange Framework and the Installation Guide for Data Exchange Tenant Web Service, which you can download from the Sitecore download page.


You can confirm that Activity for MA is installed by opening the Content Editor and locating the item /sitecore/system/Settings/Analytics/Marketing Automation/Activity Types/Trigger DEF Sync Process.

In addition to this, you need to install the DEF Action Plugin for MA on your xConnect Marketing Automation Service:

  1. Download the DEF Action Plugin for Marketing Automation 5.0 package. Deploy the package on top of the xConnect Marketing Automation Service.

  2. Verify that the App_Data\Config\sitecore\MarketingAutomation folder contains the configuration file. Verify that the binaries folder of your Marketing Automation Service contains all the .dlls from the package.


    By default, the binaries folder is the root folder of the installation.

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