Phone numbers facet

Current version: 7.0

This topic describes how phone number information is mapped from a contact in Dynamics to a contact in Sitecore.

Format in Dynamics

In Dynamics, phone numbers are associated with a contact through attributes on the contact.

Format in Sitecore

In Sitecore, phone numbers are associated with a contact through a contact facet:

Facet Name


Facet Type


Mapping values

The contact facet provides the ability to store multiple phone numbers. The standard mappings only handle a single phone number, which is set as the preferred phone number on the contact facet.

Source objects

Contact entity from Dynamics, Tenant from Sitecore

Target object


Mapping definition

Dynamics to xConnect Contact Mappings maps to Dynamics Contact to xConnect Contact Phone Numbers Facet

Mapping phone call information from Microsoft Dynamics to Sitecore

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