Create a new manager root

Current version: 10.3

A manager root contains all the settings that control how users work with the Email Experience Manager. A manager root is created when you configure the EXM default settings for the first time after installation. If you need more than one manager root, for example, in a multisite environment, you can create a manager root manually.


The following campaigns, which are automatically created when you create a new manager root, are marked as service messages by default:

  • Automated notification

  • Subscription notification

  • Subscription confirmation

  • Unsubscribe notification

  • Dispatch completed notification

To create a new manager root:

  1. In the content tree, right-click the Content item, click InsertInsert from Template.

    Diagram of how to access the Insert from template command.
  2. In the Insert from Template dialog box, navigate to Templates/Branches/System/Email, and select Manager Root. If necessary, modify the default item name.

    Insert from template dialog box showing the Message Root.
  3. Click Insert.

  4. Open the new manager root item and on the Content tab, configure the manager root settings.

    Content Editor showing a new Manager Root.

    When you create a new email campaign, select the manager root from which you want to send email messages using the drop-down list in the left corner of the dashboard. Having multiple manager roots enables you to create email campaigns that use different branding standards.

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