Performance tuning and the EXM performance measurement tool

Current version: 10.3

The speed that emails are sent and delivered depends on a complex set of factors and dependencies. To ensure that your EXM module works efficiently, you should run a test and get measurable results. These results are also helpful if further performance tuning is needed.

To easily measure the most important performance indicators, the EXM Performance Measurement Tool, also known as the Dispatch Summary, is designed to give an insight into the performance of an email campaign, based on current configuration settings.

Dispatch summary.

Launching the EXM Performance Measurement Tool

The EXM Performance Measurement Tool runs in a web browser. It is located at http://host_name/sitecore/admin/dispatchsummary.aspx, where host_name is the name of the server that you use to dispatch email campaigns.


To open the tool in German, add the ?sc_lang=de-de parameter to the end of this URL. For Japanese, add the ?sc_lang=ja-jp parameter.

Using the EXM Performance Measurement Tool

When the EXM Performance Measurement Tool is running, you can start dispatching an email campaign in a separate browser window to measure the performance.

The tool shows EXM performance at the specific moment in time that you refresh the page. While the email campaign is being dispatched, remember to refresh the page and to capture screen shots with the results, because the Measurement Tool will not show any results after all the email campaigns have been sent.

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