Optimize deliverability and Inbox placement

Current version: 9.0

To optimize the deliverability of your email campaigns and get the best inbox placement rates, you need to establish your organization as a legitimate sender by developing a positive sending reputation with various mailbox providers.

To develop a good reputation with mailbox providers, you should follow these basic guidelines:

  • Only include contacts that have subscribed to a list to your email campaign.

  • Create email content that is relevant to the contacts included in the email campaign. Proofread your email messages before sending them.

  • The text in the Subject and From fields must be meaningful. Do not use fake or generic names and do not hide the sender.

  • Configure Sitecore to handle hard bounces according to your business's needs.

  • Remove spam complaints, unsubscribe requests, and inactive contacts from your lists.

  • Add contacts who should never receive any email campaigns from you to your suppression list.


    If you have used another provider before EXM Delivery Cloud (including the previous Sitecore Email Delivery product), remember to migrate your existing suppression lists. You can upload the lists using an API or you can contact Sitecore support portal.

  • Make sure DKIM is set up correctly and has been verified for your sending domains.

  • Do not hide the unsubscribe link or ignore unsubscribe requests.

  • Do not buy third party email address lists or sell your contact lists to a third party without permission.

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