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Use Sitecore Headless Services without a Sitecore SDK


Consume Sitecore layout data from any platform that understands JSON.

A rendering SDK can vastly simplify the consumption of Layout Data from Sitecore and enable dynamic component construction with Sitecore Placeholders. However, any platform that understands JSON data can consume Sitecore-provided content and layout information directly from the Sitecore Headless Services APIs. Therefore, it is not mandatory to use a rendering SDK provided by Sitecore to display Sitecore content and layout information.


If you are using Headless Services without a rendering SDK, you do not have support for integrating your applications with advanced Sitecore editors such as Experience Editor and Horizon.

To retrieve Sitecore data through Headless Services without a rendering SDK:

  • Deploy a JSS application configuration to /App_Config/Include in Sitecore. For examples of application configurations, see the files in the /sitecore/config directory of any of the JSS sample applications provided by Sitecore.


We recommend using Sitecore Experience Edge for production data delivery.