Create a JSS app for an older version of Sitecore

Current version: 21.x

JSS functionality depends on Sitecore functionality. If you are not using the most recent version of Sitecore, when creating a JSS application, you must use a template provided by a JSS version compatible with your Sitecore version.

Create a JSS app for an older version of Sitecore using the JSS CLI

You can create a JSS application using application samples from JSS version 19.0.0 or older with the help of the JSS CLI.

To create a JSS project for an older version of JSS and Sitecore with the JSS CLI:

  1. Identify the correct JSS version for your Sitecore XP version.

  2. Run the JSS CLI installation command:

    npm i @sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-cli@<version>

    Replace <version> with the version you want to use. For example, npm i @sitecore-jss/[email protected].

  3. In a terminal, create your JSS project by running the following command:

    jss create my-jss-app react --branch release/<version>

    The command uses the --branch option and you must provide the name of a branch in the JSS repository. You can use a release branch or any other branch from the repository. For example, to create a React JSS application using version 13.0.0, use the command jss create my-jss-app react --branch release/13.0.0.

  4. Change the directory to your application folder:

    cd my-first-jss-app
  5. Start the development server:

    jss start

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