Page branches

Current version: 10.1

You can use page branches to create modifiable landing pages and other page types that you want to have a flexible layout. Once you have created a page branch, editors can use them as templates to create and modify pages in both the Experience Editor and in Horizon.

With page branches you can:

  • Create multiple page branches based on the same data template.

  • Include local and site-scoped data sources.

  • Control where a page branch is used by using rules.

  • Use the same Sitecore tokens that you use on standard values to automate the creation of titles for your pages.

Using Page Branches with Page Designs

Page branches complement the functionality of Page designs. The components that you have defined in your Partial Designs remain fixed on the page branches and pages, so you can manage them centrally. You can edit the the layout of the page branch in both Experience Editor and in Horizon. Pages created from the page branch contain a copy of all the page branch's renderings and their local data sources.

By default, page branches use the page design that is assigned on the Page template that is defined in the presentation configuration for the site.


You can override the page design directly on the page branch. If you do so, the page design is also overridden on all pages created from the branch.

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