Running a content test on a partial design

Current version: 10.1

Sitecore lets you create a content test to evaluate alternative versions or combinations of your website's content and find out which pages and components are the most effective with visitors.

SXA lets you run A/B/N tests on components that are added directly to the page but you can also run these tests on components within a partial design. For example, if you want to test the different variations in a footer's rich text component.


Content testing on partial designs is disabled by default. To enable it, go to Sitecore.XA.Foundation.XConnectIntegration.config and set the XA.Foundation.XConnect.Integration.PageDesignTests.Enabled value to True.

If you run a content test on a partial design, it will test this partial design on all the pages it is used on. Because Sitecore allows only one active content test per page/impression, you can only test one partial design included in your page design at a time. Also, if you have an active page content test running or component tests defined on a page, these take priority over content tests defined on partial designs.

Refer to the general Sitecore documentation on content testing to learn how to run a content test.

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