Create a headless tenant and site

The Sitecore JavaScript Rendering SDKs (JSS) lets front-end developers build a JavaScript app on top of Sitecore. With the Sitecore Headless Services, SXA lets you create headless tenants and sites that make it easier to work with JSS apps. The headless tenants and sites help you scaffold your site and help you to import your JSS app in a structured way.

To create a headless tenant and site:

  1. In the Content Editor, right-click the Content item in the content tree, click Insert, Headless Tenant.

  2. In the wizard, enter a name for the tenant, select the modules, and click OK.

  3. To create a headless site, right-click the Headless Tenant, click Insert, Headless Site.

  4. In the wizard, on the General tab, enter the name for the site.

  5. On the Modules tab, select the modules and click OK.


    On the Site Settings tab, you can modify the GraphQL endpoint and Deployment secret but it's best practice to add these later.

  6. Click OK to create the headless site.

    SXA creates the site with the following structure:





    Contains the site pages.


    Includes all the media items available for the site.


    Contains the data sources that can be reused across multiple pages within the website.


    Multilingual apps need a dictionary of static phrases that require translation. JSS imports translations to this folder.


    Page Designs

    Headless sites come with SXA page design functionality.

    Partial Designs

    Headless sites come with SXA partial design functionality.

    Placeholder Settings

    Headless sites come with SXA placeholder settings functionality.


    Contains the default configuration items that make the app work. Customization is possible. For example, if you want to use a new template for your pages.

    Site Grouping

    SXA lets you define sites using the Site Grouping items. Contains all the data needed for the site definition such as the host name, the start item, and the virtual folder.

    By default, SXA headless sites use live mode. In live mode, Sitecore reads the website content from the master database.

    SXA headless live mode.

    If you want switch to the web database, you must publish both the API keys and the SXA headless site.

When you have finished creating your headless tenant and site, you can start importing your app.