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Generate a custom static error page


How to link to custom error pages.

SXA lets you set site-specific 404 and 500 error pages. When an error occurs, visitors are redirected to this static error page.


  • For a page not found (404) error page, you must create the page under your Sitecore instance.

  • For a server error (500) page, you must create the page on the website of the rendering host. The Server error page link field in the Content Editor is inactive.

To generate a static 404 error page:

  1. Create your error page.

  2. Publish the error page.

  3. Navigate to sitecore/Content/Tenant/Site/Settings .

  4. In the Error Handling section, in the Page not found link field, insert a link to the custom error page.

    Insert a link to the error page


    If you cannot find the Error Handling section, you might have forgotten to select the Error Handling option when creating your tenant.