Use a page branch

Current version: 10.3

In Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), page branches let you define preconfigured pages for your content authors. This means that you can specify a presentation layer with renderings, as well as a data layer with data sources and fields. Content authors can use page branches as templates for their content.

To use page branches, you must enable the feature during site creation. If you want to use page branches for existing sites, you can add the feature manually as a module.

Create a page branch for a site

When you have created a page branch, you can edit the page branch content and layout like any regular page. When editors create a page based on the page branch, the content and layout, including data sources, serve as a template for the page.

To create a page branch for a site:

  1. In the Content Editor, navigate to /sitecore/content/Tenant/Site/Presentation/Page Branches.

  2. Right-click on Page Branches, Insert, and click Page Branch.

  3. Specify the name of the page branch and choose a tenant template to base the branch on.


    Give the page branch a name that is as descriptive as possible, so your content authors understand what the page branch is. Try to avoid using IDs or short names.

  4. Click OK.

Configure insert options

For editors to be able to use a page branch in their sites, you must make it available for them to insert.

To configure the insert options for a page branch:

  1. In the Content Editor, navigate to /sitecore/content/Tenant/Site/Presentation/Page Branches.

  2. On the Content tab, click Edit rule. This opens a new dialog box where you can define conditions for your rule.


    If you are using shared sites, you can define rules for page branches on the shared site.

  3. Under Insert options, add the rule defining when to use a page branch.

  4. Add an action that allows you to pick the page branch to be used when the rule is satisfied.


Content authors can insert the page branch on items that meet the conditions for the Rule field.

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