Share content between JSS sites

Current version: 1.9

SXA lets you share data sources, page designs, partial designs, and pages between JavaScript Services (JSS) sites within one JSS tenant.

Make a JSS site a shared site

It can be very convenient to arrange the styling of your sites by sharing the presentation of one master site.

To make a JSS site a shared site:

  • In the Content Editor, navigate to the JSS tenant, and in the Sharing section use the arrows to move the site that you want to share to the Selected pane.

    In this example, the JSS master site is now a shared site. The other sites within the same tenant can now use partial designs, page designs, and data sources from the JSS master site.

Use page and partial designs from a shared JSS site

Adding a shared site implies that you can share page designs, partial designs, and data sources from that site.

To use a page design from a shared site:

  1. In the Experience Editor, navigate to the page that you want to assign a page design to.

  2. Click Pick Page Design, and from the drop-down list click the page design from the shared site.

    Similarly, if you want to map page designs to page templates, you can select the master site page designs as well as the page designs you created locally.

Use data sources from a shared JSS site

You can share data sources between the sites of a tenant. For example, for the Content Block, you can select Content Blocks from both the Master site as well as from your local site.

Enable cross-site linking for JSS sites

The Link rendering lets content authors add links to sites. Links can be internal links, media links, external links, anchors, an email address, and JavaScript. To link within SXA tenants and sites, you must adjust the site settings.

To enable cross-site linking for JSS sites:

  1. Set the link root location by navigating to sitecore/Content/Tenant/Site/Settings and, in the Site Configuration section, in the Link Settings field, select one of the following options:

    Link settings field option

    Link root location

    Itself only

    Default value. The available link root location comes from the current site.

    Linkable sites in tenant

    All linkable sites within the current tenant.

    All linkable

    All linkable sites within all tenants.

  2. To make a site linkable, navigate to sitecore/Content/Tenant/Site/Settings/Site Grouping/Site, and in the Basic section, select the Linkable Site check box.

Share JSS content as a delegated area

As well as sharing page designs, partial designs, and data sources between sites in the same tenant, you can also share pages. Sharing content as a delegated area lets you control the content from one central location in the content tree.

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