Working with Creative Exchange

Current version: 1.9

The Creative Exchange process is designed to facilitate several different teams working on a website. For example, the team that is working on the theme of the site can work in parallel with other teams.

With Creative Exchange, you can export your site and produce a ZIP file with all the wireframes and all content. The creative agency or the in-house front-end developer can work with the static HTML offline. When the designs are ready, this ZIP file is sent back to be imported again, and the process can continue.

The SXA base theme comes with core CSS and JavaScript. A creative agency or an in-house front-end developer can modify and extend the HTML classes and add CSS/JavaScriptS/assets using their preferred tools. For example, if you added a style to a particular rendering in the HTML, the import process will identify this new class and apply it to the system.

In SXA, any assets, such as images, fonts, and files that are normally referenced within the stylesheet, are considered to be part of the theme and they are imported with your CSS changes.


If you are familiar with JavaScript and Gulp, you can consider using Creative Exchange Live to shorten the time you use changing the design of your site.

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