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Detailed reports in Experience Analytics


Detailed reports in Experience Analytics enable marketers to drill down into data for their website.

Each standard detailed report contains a list that displays data for a number of metrics (such as visits, value and conversion rate) broken down for one dimension (for example, by device or language). The title of the report indicates the dimension that is the subject of the report. Above the detailed list, there is one or more graphs illustrating a single metric.

There are a number of filters at the top of each report. You can filter by segment, site, and date range, and you can select a metric to display in the graph. A drop-down button indicates the currently selected metric. You can click the drop-down button to select from among the metrics that are available for the report.

The metrics menu for the Device types report

You can drill down in each report to get more detailed information. For example, the top-level Devices report contains a chart that displays the selected metric for all device types, and a list with several metrics for each device type. You can click on a device type in the list to drill down to a report for the individual device type, and from there you can drill down to specific device models.