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Change the metrics in an existing analytics report


Specify different metrics in existing xAnalytics reports.

In Experience Analytics, a developer can create a custom analytics report from scratch with custom metrics. However, in existing reports, you can also change the default metrics if they do not suit you.

In Sitecore, you use metrics in combination with dimensions to create reports. Metrics are a value, measurement, or a count of a characteristic tracked for a dimension. They can further break down a report based on common criteria, for example, Conversions or Bounces.

Dimensions group the data used in reports, for example, in an interaction or campaigns triggered. Experience Analytics provides several default metrics and dimensions.


If you want to change or customize a standard report that comes with Experience Analytics, it is best practice to copy an existing report, customize it, and then rename it. This is due to possible changes in standard reports in future versions of Sitecore.

To change the metrics in an existing report:

  1. In the Core database, in the Content Editor, navigate to and expand the Dashboard item (/sitecore/Client/Applications/ExperienceAnalytics/Dashboard), and then expand the subitem where the report you want to customize is located. For example, on the Audience tab:

  2. Expand the subitem where your report is located, and expand its PageSettings item. For example, Devices, PageSettings.

  3. Click the report you want to customize, for example, ListControl Parameters.

  4. In the content area, in the Data section, in the Metric field, select the metric or metrics that you want to see displayed in the report. A bar chart can only show one metric. Other charts allow you to select multiple metrics.

  5. Click Save to save your changes.


After you change the default metrics in a report, it is best practice that you change the name of the report to reflect the change in the metrics.