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Path Analyzer funnels

A funnel is a well-defined sequence of steps that customers are expected to take on your website to realize a business objective. You can create your own funnels. On an e-commerce site, the most obvious one is the checkout funnel, which could be represented as a sequence of pages, page events, or goals, depending on the design of the website.

In the Path Analyzer, funnels let you to analyze the actions and paths that customers take on their way to converting goals and outcomes. You can use personalization, M/V testing, or content testing to optimize these paths and improve conversion rates.

After you select a funnel, you can view a graphical representation of the tracked steps of the funnel in the form of a bar chart. The chart provides you with information about the number of customers who complete each step in the funnel, as well as how many customers continue to the next stage. It also lets you switch between key metrics, such as visits, value, and value per visit. Below the chart, the list of all other metrics is shown, providing the key performance indicators for the funnel. These metrics are taken from the last step of the funnel. This data is calculated based on the scope of one interaction as opposed to the lifetime customer journey.

The path funnel shows you how many contacts leave a path and at which specific nodes they exit. From the path funnel, you can access the Funnel report. This shows you the value, visits, and value per visits of all contact experiences through this path.

You can mark a funnel as a favorite, and then it will be visible on the Dashboard.